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introduction of products
    into new market

sourcing of products,
    materials, services 

market analyses

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Get your product into a fast growing
market - East Europe
You got the product - we help you to get the best start on a new market!

You would like to enter the fastest growing market in Europe, but don't want to waist time and money by doing it wrong?

We are there to help you.

KATMAJ Consulting & Trading is navigating you through the starting phase by:

- understanding the local market situation
analysing the competition and relevant market rules

- defining the right offer for the right customer
   by segmenting the market, creating the value advantage of your product against
competition, helping to define price levels for B2B, B2C

- choosing the most effective sales and marketing channels
   by defining the optimal marketing strategy for your products on specific market

- testing your offer on a defined, small test market
  to ensure the right road map for your product introduction without "going all in"

- rolling out your campaign
  with further consulting by us or as your local distribution partner

and many more.....

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